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The revolution on the digital children’s book market!

You’re in the business of creating animated stories for kids? But you don’t have the time to deal with all the programming and distribution matters? You’ve come to just the right place!

TigerCreate is a software program designed to let you create interactive adventure books with absolute ease, then publish your finished titles as ebooks and apps for all key platforms. As well as enriching your stories with fascinating animations, you can also add interactivity, sounds, read-alouds, and even games – all completely intuitively and with absolutely no coding required on your part. The full range of export formats is also available, enabling you to distribute your stories as ebooks, in the Apple App Store, in the Google Play Store, and through many other channels. The possibilities are endless!

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New Feature:

TigerCreate presented its latest feature during the “Buchtage” in Berlin. A short recording of the presentation shows how much fun it was for all who where there…

presentation on
digital publishing

On 26th January 2016 from 7 to 9 p.m. you can join our presentation about interactive ebooks and apps at Kreuz & Quer, a networking event by the Hamburger Kreativ Gesellschaft.

Interactive ebook
is online now!

In the beginning there was this fascinating story by Torben Kuhlmann: A book full of beautiful pictures. A book to soak yourself in. A book you simply want to owe. Well, this was not supposed to be the end.

Adventure Book
Comeptition 2015/16

The 2nd  TigerCreate Adventure Book Competition is ready for take-off!
Learn more about the Competition! We would love you to be a part of it!

TigerCreate @ IlustraTour in Madrid 2015

A brief glimps of our current workshop during the IlustraTour in Madrid.





Making Of Lindbergh –
The Tale of the Flying Mouse Becomes an Interactive Adventure

In the beginning there was this fascinating story by Torben Kuhlmann: A book full of beautiful pictures. A book to soak yourself in. A book you simply want to owe. Well, this was not supposed to be the end…

More …



Discover no end of possibilities with the real-time page preview and animate your stories to your heart’s content. Free positioning of objects, definable graphical information, thumbnail images and definable anchor points create a charming atmosphere with a distinctive design.


It’s so simple to turn a football into a physical object and bring scenes to life with Beziér curves, motion paths and object transformations. Use the timeline and create adventures for your readers by adding scratch animations and movie clips.


Kids love action! Let them move objects around or make them disappear, with animations that respond to touch. Then go one better with exciting sounds and interactive text on top!


Make interactive adventure books truly unique – with add-on quizzes, puzzles, memo or painting games that are guaranteed to keep your young readers educated and entertained.

No coding required

With an intuitive timeline and key frames, drag and drop for text and sound files, and so much more, creating interactive animations is as easy as 1, 2, 3.


Bring magic to the words themselves: You can incorporate several text boxes per scene, with different fonts colours and sizes, and words can even be highlighted as you read them.

Sounds & read-aloud

Get adventurous with audio: use the timing tool to create word highlighting with voiceover, try out the direct audio preview and discover tons of automatic or interactive sound effects.


TigerCreate is linguistically gifted too. Modifying texts, sound effects and graphics for different languages is incredibly simple – even if you’re incorporating non-Latin characters.

Publish in any format. Experience on any device.

With TigerCreate, the layout of your story automatically adapts to different screen sizes and aspect ratios, like the 4:3 ratio of the iPad or the 16:9 ratio of most Android devices. This makes publishing your titles incredibly easy. You only have to create your content once – and then export it in multiple formats that are aligned for all relevant key platforms.

In addition to this, your content is accessible on computers, tablets and almost all smartphones on the market, allowing you to reach the maximum possible audience.


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